Fly Fishing Eastern Tennessee with Bent Rod Media

8 Feb
P1180143.jpg picture by BentRodMedia
Floated theWatauga in East Tennessee near Johnson City this Saturday and today. Along with me M.L.B. (Duke303) were fellow BRM members Raul and Baye. Saturday morning saw temps in the 20’s. Fishing wasnt good in numbers, but the fish caught were quality fish. Picked up most fish on either an orange egg as the suckers are spawning, or size 22 and smaller olive zebra midges. Fish seemed to be keying in on anything small and olive. We were hoping to get into a good Baetis hatch but it never matured. Saw some sparse BWO’s in mirror pools when the sun was out. Best fish were two very nice rainbows. Ryan stuck a great Watauga rainbow that measured in around 20″ on the “Caddis Riffle”. Several nice rainbows were lost.  It was dang near impossible to keep the caddis casings off of your nymphs. If you ever have the chance, come float the Watauga. Today saw good numbers of small wild bows and a few small browns. Pulled out of Johnson City around 6pm and made it here to the WV border where we had to pull into town and get a room. Its getting bad out there!! Well post some pics as soon as they get downloaded. Winter fishing on East Tennessee tailwaters is rival to none. You wont find a better trout fishery in the dead of winter.

P1180006.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1180001.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1180004.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1180009-1.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1190018.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1180142.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1180127.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1180119.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1170078.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1170060.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1170060-1.jpg picture by BentRodMedia

P1170062.jpg picture by BentRodMedia


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