Expedition Report from the Last Frontier !!!!!

15 Feb

I just wanted to drop everyone a line as to the exploration of the ” Forgotten Coast ” a.k.a. Miskito Coast……

Well I will say the country I speak of is unbelievable. The locals are awesome, the scenery is out of this world. This is a true frontier…. The screwy weather in the states had moved into the carribean and really f’ed with the water temps prior to our trip.

But, the fishing and exploring has been decent. We have explored over 200 miles of lagoons, rivers, and creeks. Thus far we have slammed Snook, Tarpon, Jacks, and Tuba (spelling?). Its been about half fly rod and half spinning gear. Due to the depths that the fish were holding, we had to resort to deep diving plugs to locate them.

Today we managed to find a lagoon loaded with tarpon in the 20 to 60 pound range. We f’ed them up. We only landed three, but numerous hook ups, and I even broke a 12 wt rod on one…. The biggest tarpon was only 30 lbs, but it was still a blast. I lost one in the 50 to 60 pond range. We spotted several over 100 in other locations, but they wouldn’t cooperate.

My amigo Chris got worked by a 150 plus pound tarpon yesterday… One jump and it severed the leader… But what a sight, a six foot long tarpon getting some air….

So far we have managed to get some decent video.. And if this wind will lay down for us, we will get into some Blue Water fishing….

Last night we spent the night with the “Moskito Indians” . And let me tell you it was an experience. No running water, no power after 10 o’clock. And we slept on wood cots.. We were to far from Casa Rosa to make it in an evening, so we stayed with the Moskito after exploring all day. There were cows, pigs and chickens running free all over the village. The locals still use dugout wood canoes.

I seemed to be the hit of the village since I gave some of them 25 pound test mono… They use it for hand lining…..

I will reportback in a few days…



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