Wild Fish, Film, and Beer !

6 Apr

Spring is here, the bugs and trout are starting to do their dance. It was time to link up with my two brothers from another mother and molest some trucha this weekend.

I loaded the Yota saturday morning and began my trek up North to a unknown wild trout fishery. This stream has no regulations and is also not mentioned in any guide book. I was fortunate to be introduced to her a few years ago. Ummm, I have said to much!?!

So, we met at the above mentioned location to fish, drink some beer, and film.

Saturday was a slow day since the water was up and had the color of dirty dishwater. A little persistence pays in situations like this. We probably thew an entire fly shop’s fly selection during our search for trout. However, we did manage some nice browns and bows. Although our usual fish count suffered, the quality of fish made up for it.

Sunday was a different day, the bugs were more active, the water clarity had improved tremendously, and the fish seemed more active. I hooked a slab of a bow on the first cast, only to have the fin flipped at me shortly after.

The rest of the day we stuck fish bouncing, stripping, dead drifting nymphs and large streamers. The browns were aggressive when you invaded their space.


Overall it was a successful weekend along with the consumption of some fine local micro brew. My hat is off to the Wal-Mart deli, as we would have starved if they weren’t ever so close.

Check out our web site for more pics from this recent trip to West Virginia


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