Karma’s a Bitch

5 May

It has been raining here in my little corner of the Appalachian Mountains for the past week on and off. As a guy whose life revolves around trout, I have been doing my naked rain dance out in the yard every morning as the rivers are thirsty. I also have been stuck in the shop six out of seven days for the past week so bluebird days haven’t been worth a shit to me. The sun will shine on this dog’s ass though, as I have the next three days off and will molest the local trout soon enough. On the other end of the karma scale is our friend Mitch. I got this email yesterday morning and haven’t stopped laughing yet. Now remember Mitch stuck a giant rainbow this weekend on stream X, somewhere near Topeka.

“A day in the life of Mitch….       Wake up to pouring rain…….Wife breaks down in Morgantown on the way to work, drive up and slop around in the rain, ruin your suit…..Call a tow truck, spend 150 to get your car towed to the garage. Come home, walk downstairs to get clothes to go to work late.  Basement has three inches of water…look in the washing machine…..It’s filled with septic water, House smells like shit. Dig up the septic tank, pull the cover…shit water shoots up in the air and right into your mouth…..put in pump….Walk back inside and start shop vac’ing the water out…I have to piss. instead of walking upstairs, what the fuck? ill just piss in the sump pump……needless to say its 9 30…im not going to work…and i just finished my second beer…..”






Just goes to show you life is tough in West Virginia even if you are a pansy ass banker.

Here’s to swimmin’ with bowlegged women,



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