The Truth Shall Set You Free

18 May

It seems that W. North Carolina and E. Tennessee have developed a monsoon season over the past couple of weeks.  Most rain I have seen in a two week period in years.  We need the rain but all the free stoners are cranking and the tailwater generators are humming 24/7.  I decided to go visit some family and friends down in Charlotte as I have been fighting high water all week with clients and didn’t feel like doing it on my day off .  They also have a COSTCO down there, amongst one of many strip malls, where you can buy beef in bulk.  Bulk beef is the best beef… and you know this maaan.  Anyway Ryan and Chris ran all the way down to Georgia and floated a real peach of a river (get it…maybe a little on the nose?).   Maybe he will grace us with an update on the scene down there later.

Until then please enjoy a glowing example of why I love Montana and how bad jury duty sucks.  Thank John at Hog Island for this nugget.



My favorite part is about his dog’s wrinkly balls…classic.



One Response to “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

  1. Wookie June 4, 2009 at 12:46 PM #

    Thats Awesome!

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