8 Jun

Does anyone remember where they learned to fly fish? Not the first time you casted a fly rod or caught a trout on a fly rod. The first time you actually felt your line load up on your back cast and shoot out perfectly across the stream. The stream where you got hooked on fly fishing. For me it’s the Upper Shaver’s Fork of the Cheat River catch and release. Why some of you who have been there may ask. Shun the none-believers SHUnnnnn!! Because of the remote beauty and solitude of the stream. There is nothing like a big high mountain stream in West Virginia. Plus the state stocks a ton of brood trout and with plenty of room to run it is the closest thing to steelhead fishing in the state. So it’s like beauty with the beasts!! Finally on May, 22nd I returned to my holy grail of trout streams.

So I set out for the Fork around 6am when my wife left for work, even though I could not sleep the night before. Up till 3am!!! I ended up passing the night tying, what has turned into my favorite fly. The white cone head, rubber legged wooly bugger!!! There is something about being able to nymph and stream the same fly. Enough weight to cast from bank to bank and a color you can see during the whole retrieve.

Another Stout Rainbow

Another Stout Rainbow

Hell most of the time eddy and bank fishing the bugger doesn’t even have time to get off the top of the water before it gets hammered. Can it also be labeled a dry fly? I’ll have to stock up on some frog fanny and GinK! So up all night tying flies till my eyes can’t focus, watching TV, surfing the net, rubbing HAGEN, and drinking 62 degree chilled beer UMMM umm. Anyway’s….at 6am-ish I crawled out of bed, breakfast-done, travel coffee-done, gas-done, lunch-packed and I’m off up I-79. 2 1/2 hours of driving time ahead of me, you gotta love a road trip.

I put sole to stream about 10 am. With my TFO 9 foot 6 weight rigged up double nymph style ready for some high sticking. Bouncing the EGGI JUAN off a giant black stone fly. The water was cold and clear. Flows were a great, could have been a little higher and maybe some color but I couldn’t complain. Weather was perfect no clouds only blue sky and sun!! I picked up 3 bows rite off the bat in the first good run. Nothing special but it got the skunk off quick. Since the water was clear, after the first run I threw on the Thingamabobber in order to give my drifts some distance. Which worked out perfect on the 3rd cast just at the head of a run sat a fat brood female rainbow that gobbled up the EGGI Juan faster than Dave “Nymph-o” eating a snickers.

Don’t screw with Dave’s snickers!! A fight ensued that took me back briefly to Erie PA zinging line straight up stream. Then straight back down stream and 2 quick cartwheels, which threw the lead stonefly straight into the trout’s dorsal fin and ruined the rest of the fight. Now try to imagine yourself standing in a stream with one arm straight up in the air like your trying to ask a question in grade school and the other arm down your pants and out your zipper trying to tie your shoes. That’s basically what I looked like trying to land a 24 inch 6 pound rainbow who is still full of fight. So after about 6 failed attempts at trying to tie my shoes through my zipper with my other arm straight up in the air. I ended up pulling another Erie trick and beached that bitch. I turned on the camera and tossed it in the water on video. Removed the hooks, let her catch her breath for about 30 seconds and moved her back into the tail of the run. A few quick pictures and the first battle of the day was over.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

I fished roughly 5 miles down and back, only bringing about 16 fish to hand. I ended up bringing 3 fish in that topped out at or above 22-25 inches and 6-8 pounds. The last 2 I caught on size 8 streamers attached to a sink tip leader, bouncing them through the deeper holes. I had the entire stream to myself, only when the train would roll through did I see anyone else. I missed the 1st train by about 3 minutes, after releasing the first big fish the train shortly rolled through full of picture takers.

I could go on and on about each fish in this stream and the different runs around each corner. Bears, bug, snakes, air force jets, helicopters, trains, and TROUT!!! Nothing beats a day or a weekend spent on Upper Shavers Fork!!!


A face only a Mother could Love.

A face only a Mother could Love.

A quick throw down of video I took on the stream. Music by Decemberadio.

Fly Fishing West Virginia Monster Trout from Bent Rod Media on Vimeo.


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