The Last Waltz

8 Jun

This weekend marked the end of the North Carolina Delayed Harvest season.  There are very few if any trout left in the N. Mills River, the W. Fork of the Pigeon River, or the other fourteen DH streams in our state.  The bait chuckers have been chompin’ at the bit for about 9 months.  Some of them undoubtedly blew their wad early and have been keeping fish out of these streams all year long while no one was looking.  To these these fellas all I have to say is that karmic retribution will be upon you soon enough.  Your dog may mate with a cat thus creating a dog/cat hybrid species that will eventually eclipse humans as the dominate species on earth…way to go you redbirds, you have screwed the whole planet with your poaching.  I never understood the appeal of keeping hatchery fish.  I would rather eat suckers, at least they don’t eat dog food for the majority of their lives.

The real tragedy of DH season being through is as a guide the easy money is over till October.  There ain’t nothing like a DH stream for popping the proverbial Hyman of virgins to our fine sport.  These so-called dumb stockers usually translate into good tips because not catching fish on a guided day sucks.  Believe me I know, so do Murphy and Ryan as their recent red fish trip proved more than adequately (You blew it Murphy!).  

Now I will actually have to work a little to put people on fish (unless I become an exclusive Cherokee Trophy Water guide…hmmmm…Cherokee) and I hate work, that’s why I’m a guide. So until next fall I bid farewell to the sluts of the North Carolina trout rivers. You have pulled up your skirt for me on multiple occasions, and for that I am in your debt. Delayed Harvest, I’ll miss you.  

Soon to be seen on a wild/tailwater stream near you,

– Nymph-o

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