Happy Fathers Day?

21 Jun
So mid last week I was pumped for a day off work on Friday…..Then Wednesday comes along….Driving to work I notice that my back rear area of my car sounds like there is a lilliputian (yes I said lilliputian….its a cool word for a midget) stuck between my tire and my brake.  So I take that motherfucker to the shop for the 3rd time in 3 weeks. A new rotor and pads and shes running like a 1993 Toyota Camry again…So I try to stay positive….Get up Friday and head to the mountains to enjoy some much needed trutta….So Murph and I geared up and headed to a nice hole on a put and take section of Shavers Fork…We get down to the hole expecting to go after some previously marked large brown trout. Upon arriving at the pull off we notice about 8 thousand trucks….we repelled down the bank and saw 5 blue jean clad spin fishermen and spin fisherwomen chucking white curly tail grubs and 15lb test over and over and over and over and over again….Downstream was two guys and a 3 year old chucking powerdough and throwing rocks in the stream…Upstream was a bunch of hippies swimming….So we trudge downstream and start molesting some trout. Then a few or RA-tards float downstream on tractor trailer innertubes and actually start SCUBA DIVING in front of us…One of them porpoises to the top and says, “Theres a biggun in thur man”. So I say to myself, “God please strike me with lightning”……  We head back to the camp enjoy a nice dinner and I look forward to the next day and fishing….BUT again karma had another idea…..My 8 month old son started developing crap in his eyes….I first though that it was allergies…Well the next morning I awake to the pouring rain and my eye is matted shut…YES SIR I HAVE PINK EYE….FUCK YOU KARMA….SO, we pack up in the pouring rain and head home……..And to add insult to injury..or pink eye….The bottle of eye drops is $40??? WTF is that all about…It looks like about 3 eyedroppers of ram’s piss in a dropper…..Is this the end of the story you ask???   No….As we speak I’m heading to the doctor with a vicious sore throat and my eye looking like I took a right hook from Tyson….Its just another day in paradise..Happy Father’s Day Mother Fuckers….

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