How Now Brown Trout

22 Jun

Have you ever noticed when you go into a fly shop, any fly shop, that if they have a huge mount eight times out of ten it’s a big Brown?  Or when guys talk about the dirty, filthy, beautiful, biggest trout he’s ever seen that got away, it’s usually a Brown.  There is a reason for this folks.  The Brown trout is the Heavy D of the Trout world.

Heavy D, he performed on the television show A Different World once...he was delightful

Heavy D...he performed on the television show A Different World once...he was delightful

Brown can see the resembence right?'s the eyes

Brown can see the resemblance right?'s the eyes

I am in no way saying that I turn my nose up at the other fine participants in the game we call Trout.  Rainbows are a hell of a good time.  They jump like someone lit a string of Black Cats up their backsides.  Rainbows also put on the poundage.  The majority of my piggiest pigs have been rainbows.  But the ones I remember the most have been the Browns.  Same goes for the most memorable fish released before I could molest them up close and personal like.  I am from North Carolina and intellectually recognize that the Brook Trout should be my favorite fish.  The whole native thing, yeah I get it.  I have even tossed around the hair brain scheme of covering up my “frattoo” or fraternity tattoo (really drunk on the way to Allman Brothers Show…18 years old…I am not proud) with some brook trout ink.  But let’s not ignore the clown colored elephant in the room,  Brook Trout around these parts don’t get much bigger then your hand.  That can only appease my appetite for meat for so long before I am on another stream looking for old Leroy Brown under every cut bank and deep hole.

My love affair with Salmo trutta morpha fario (one of three Latin words I know…the other two involve human anatomy…the dirty kind) didn’t begin on the river.  I am a book nerd, I read anything and everything if it involves trout.  When I started researching the various inhabitants of our river systems something unmentionable stirred when I stumbled upon the ways of the Brown Trout.  Brown Trout are nocturnal feeders.  At the time I was a younger man, and my habits could be described as nocturnal feeding, mostly booze though…not other fish, mice, and small ducks.  Which leads me to my next point, Brown Trout are carnivores. When Brown trout reach a certain size (frickin’ huge) they feed mostly on meat.  No more tiny midges for these bruisers, they want the Porterhouse and they don’t care who gets messed up in the process.  Brown Trout are the largest Trout.  The current world record is 44 lbs. 4oz., I think that covers it.

Rip collins with old Butter Belly

Rip Collins with the world record Butter Belly

Once I observed Brown Trout in the rivers it was all over.  I have seen Browns try to eat 12″ rainbows that didn’t know which was worse, being hooked by me or being chased by the Brown that saw a trout in trouble and decided it was time to feast.  I have also heard some crazy stories about Browns being so ill tempered that after they broke you off they would come back punch you in the junk, steal your wallet, and leave you wanting more.  These stories seem a little weird but hey, who am I to doubt a fish story.

Better than than average, but there are bigger ones out there...kind of like Ryan

Better than than average, but there are bigger ones out there...kind of like Ryan

I have caught some decent Browns but the huge one still eludes me, haunts me, and appears as the main character in most of my nocturnal emissions. I will continue to hunt these elusive creatures of myth and lore until the day my casting arm falls off due to a raging case of leprosy (most likely contracted form Murphy).  So next time you land a nice bow or brook revel in the moment, but know, it would be a hell of a lot cooler if  it was my friend the Brown Trout.

Caught last Tuesday on the Watauga on a size 20 pheasent tail on 6X tippet. Respect the skills.

Caught last Tuesday, on the Watauga, on a size 20 pheasant tail, and on 6X tippet. Respect the skills.

– Nymph-o


One Response to “How Now Brown Trout”

  1. Lindsey June 27, 2009 at 2:28 AM #

    Love the Different World reference. Classic.

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