Beat that Old Lady

29 Jun

Murphy and I blasted out of camp to the sound of the ice-cream truck making the rounds through the campgrounds hocking overpriced frozen treats to the kids. Our destination was an old friend, an old Lady that we both have heard recent reports that she was being quite the hooch and giving up her goodies to everyone. So with high expectations we scampered across the mountains to a little place known as Elk Springs. We were graced with bluebird skies and scorching temps, which are better for drinking adult beverages, not fishing. We hopped down over the bank and started to fishing for some trout. The day started out fairly decent. Both Murphy and myself hooked up with some nice fish. Murphy landed the fish of the day within the first hour, a nasty looking stocked female rainbow of about 22” that messed all over me.

Elk River Rainbow Trout

Elk River Rainbow Trout

 At around 5pm we decided to enjoy a few cold beverages and head down stream to get in place for the potential evening onslaught of bugs. We continued our way downstream until we reached a place that is known as the Trestle Hole. How can I describe the Trestle Hole?

Imagine if you will walk into a club. The place is bangin’. You look across the dance floor and see a plethora of hot bitches. Granted you also see some brown baggers and butter faces. So what’s your game plan? Well my plan was to stick to the side of the dance floor where all of the not so bright, not so pretty, drunk bitches hang out. What does this mean in trout speak? It means I started going after the not so pretty little browns that are eating feverishly on every speck of solid substance that hits the water. That’s how I roll. So after about 30 minutes of catching not so pretty fish you notice the hottest most bangin chick ever, but its in the form of a near 30” rainbow cruising the pool. So the game begins. Nymphs, streamers, dries, small nymphs, small dries, BIG streamers, midges, and so the progression goes until you’re so pissed off that you haven’t caught this fish you focus on the not so pretty trout off to the side again.

And so you have the Trestle Hole……

Mini Salmon Trutta

Mini Salmon Trutta

The rest of the eve was spent waiting for the water to boil. Around 8pm we noticed a crap ton of midges on the surface with a few size 20 rusty spinners. Overhead a few Coffin flies and Sulphur spinners joined in, BUT we never really got the “snout-soup” that we’ve been hearing of and wanting to see. I chalk this up to flows under 75cfs and the hot ass sun. So a little insulted, embarrassed, hungry, and a little chaffed, I headed back to the truck to drink 10 more beers. Lying in bed that night I thought of my little not so prettytrout, swimming along the side channels, eating every gawd darned thing known to man and I laughed a little. My wife said, WHAT are you laughing about? Only if she knew, only if she knew……….


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