Cheap Love

17 Aug

No it wasn’t the frist time I’ve been bass fishing before with a fly rod, but it’s about the 15th time I’ve been this year.  I’ve come to realize that I love the cheap thrill bass fishing offers.  No it’s not that pure “Familiar” love like you have with your wife, or hand that I feel when I trout fish.  A cheap thrill none the less.  Now I’m not bashing bass fishermen or any other type of fish anyone chases other than trout.  Trout are, in my opinion the holy grail of fly fishing.  Why is it a cheap thrill?  Bass aren’t the smartest fish in the water and will hit just about anything flashy, presented in a descent fashion.  Also I get to use my favorite fly…..THE WHITE WOOLY BUGGER!!! 

Some Bling Some Bling

 Also you can find bass in just about any body of water, the shittier the better.  Which leads me 5 minutes down the road to a great river called the West Fork.  Fishing mid-day on 2 of the hottiest days of the summer in nasty looking water that requires waders.  It’s like a SORE PETER you just can’t BEAT IT.  I fished the lader part of Friday and Saturday basically in the same place.  Friday I landed 20 out of a 50 yard stretch of water, with the biggest being around 1.5 pounds.  All smallmouth and rockbass. 





I can only expect something very very very evil comes out of this one way pipe.

I can only expect something very very very evil comes out of this one way pipe.

 I need to work on my Gar flies, because those things were everywhere and they are beautiful looking.  New fish added to a very long list of fish that I must catch on a fly.  I do think it will be the next fish I will scratch off the list.  Soon.  There were also alot of average size carp roaming around with a few in the 10 pound range.  Saturday I did some exploring upstream after talking with some kayakers.  I asked them how that had done, they were fishing, one pointed out a spot where he had some musky follow his top water lure.  Off I went after heading back to the truck to get my 8 weight and steel leader tip.  Not realizing I’d have no where to cast because the water gets much much deeper up stream.  I made my way up about 1/2 mile before I stopped to observe.  What I saw were swarms of carp everywhere, 20-25 of them grouped up with gar following behind.  I guess the gar follow hoping to catch something while the carp are rooting on the bottom.  I made about 50 or so cast out as far as I could with no room to cast.   Doing so just to eat into the 10,000 casts I have to make before I might actually catch a Musky on the fly.  When low and behold I got my first musky to follow, not a real aggressive follow but a follow none the less.  I nearly shit rite in my pants.  Darkness came and I headed back to my truck with dancing musky thoughts in my head.  I can’t wait to get the “DB2” which stands for double bananna, which is my new YELLOW 2 man pontoon boat from Creek Company.


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