Red Light District

27 Aug

After a day of hiking/fishing the day before by myself.  Sunday I planned on fishing in what I now like to call the “RED LIGHT DISTRICT.”  I’ll get to why later.  So Sunday mourning I got the call that confirmed “Teddy” was on his way to camp to join me in a day of epic debauchery.   A little background on “Teddy”, since this is the first time any of us have mentioned him before in our posts.  “Teddy” is a friend/co-worker with me “BayE”, who gained his nickname the first time he participated in post fly fishing extra curricular activities with the crew.  Now, this was years ago, or as I like to call it 4 B.G.D. (4 years before general Delicious) which would be before we met Nymph-O stranded alone on a floating port-a-potty.  Would that first trip have been A.G.D. (after general Delicious) his nickname I’m sure would have been much more creative.  Basically Raul called him “Teddy” all night, which his real name has nothing to do with Theodore or anything “Teddy” related.  Raul kept telling us, “He just looks like a Teddy.”  Umm….Strange…..but we all know Raul is strange.  I still call him Teddy on occasion to this day.  There are many things I can’t erase from my memory bank from that 1st trip with Teddy.  I leave this long drawn out boring chapter of the story with some pictures of “Teddy” on his first fly fishing trip (5th total) in years.  Also urban dictionaries definition of the word “Teddy.”   Personally I think he looks more like Snarf from Thundercats.  Ahhh Snarf Snarf Snarf!!!!!

1. A guy so sexy that no woman can resist him, nor would they want to, known to cause immense sexual pleasure. My god, that guy was the best screw I’ve ever had, he’s a real Teddy.  2.  A very sexy, hot, cute, adorable, huggable, kissable, smart, kind and sweet being.  3.  sexy underwear to turn guys on…Before Chad came over Nicky put on her teddy because she knew she was going to get some.


 Let’s get back to the “Red Light District.”  The RLD is a well know stream to many fly fishermen from my home planet.  There is nothing better than fishing a stream that you know like the back of your hand.  Especially when it’s PACKED full of wild catch and release only trout!!  We all know what defines a RLD.  Some of you out there may have even experienced it first hand.  So….with that in mind let me try to explain the relationship between a RLD and this stream, which we’ll call…or it has been know as, “The Lady.” 


When first considering traveling to “The Lady,” you must bring:  1. Money (cost of gas, gear, and lunch at the fly shop) 2:  Protection (Weather/Season appropriate clothing and eyewear)  3.  Alibi (the ability to lie about how many you caught and where)  4.  A-Game (be prepared to sit watch and wait, try, re-tie, try-try-try, and try again).   

Like I said having exerienced this Lady before during different conditions.  High water.  Low Water.  Summer.  Winter.  Fall.  Spring.   Knowing where the red light will be in each different type of condition is priceless.  Especially when taking a beginner with you like Snarf or Teddy.  Knowing where to look, for the tell-tell sign of the Red Light.  If you know where to look and  you brought what you need to get lucky………your going to get lucky almost every time with something fishey on the Lady in the Red Light District. 

Remember there are things that can hurt you in the Red Light District.





3 Responses to “Red Light District”

  1. bentrodmedia August 27, 2009 at 11:24 PM #

  2. Raul August 28, 2009 at 12:53 AM #

    Raul had nothing to do with the name Teddy, that was all Ricky. I just encouraged the use of the name. I see you are rocking the New Kids on the Block beard again… I love it..

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