Nanner Boat

14 Sep

 Finally the Day came to put the Nanner Boat on the water.  What the hell is a Nanner boat?  Creek Company Pontoon Boat   Around 2 pm I gave my dad a call because once again Mitch pulled the proverbial wool over my eyes and danced around lauch times.  So the old man and I loaded up the trucks and headed for the West Fork.  We floated roughly 4 miles in a little under 5 hrs.  Flows were low in places and the Nanner was  loaded down with gear (beer) and 500 pounds of Homo Sapiens.  Still we were able to draft in a little less than a foot of water.  Maneuvers like a sports car and gets up on a plane in 2 strokes of the oars.  Anchor system is kinda cheap from those I’ve used and seen used before but it works and thats all that matters.  There is storage everywhere in the boat and 2 dry lockers.  I do need to raise the rowers seat about a foot and put swivels on both seats.  A bigger anchor or anchor bag, rod holder and a spare oar.  So if any of you “Sponsors” out there want to get your name of the side of the boat, fork over the dough and I’ll sticker that yellow bitch up like a Nextel cup car.  

The fishing was slow since the old man doesn’t fish much.  We or he did manage to boat 20, 15 smallies and 5 rockies.  We saw plenty of wildlife.  Turtles, carp, suckers, gar, bass, blue herons, deer, damsel flies everywhere and plenty of hillbillies.  I cannot describe, especially since in left the camera in the truck, how beautiful the west fork is.  Well it’s beautiful from a distance.  There are sections on the stream that do not even look anything like the west fork.  Amazing. 

It was a good maiden voyage of the Nanner.  I found things I needed and things I need to change.  No one fell out and nothing was broke, lost or injured.  Except a few beer cans.  Until next time my fishing friends .   **BayE**  


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