Nanner Boats and Roasted Pigs

20 Sep

Beer, Jagermeister, Pig Roasting till 4am, Nanner Boats (Creek Company 2 Man Pontoon Boat), The River Unknown, Drunk Brother-in-Law (not Mitch) giving us a tour of where we should float in the middle of the night…..NEVER MAKES FOR A GOOD DAY ON THE WATER!!!  Mitch and I headed to the thriving metropolis of Weston, West Virginia for our annual Cayton Family Pig Roast.  Explaining who the Caytons are in our circle is of a story in itself.  Basically one of them dam Caytons married Mitch’s sister.  Which is hilarious at 4 am when Tim tell’s Mitch he’s going inside to get him some “Titty”. 

So after a long night of hanging around the campfire drinking whatever comes around the fire and putting coals of the pig every 20 minutes.  Mitch and I headed for our destination, which was not where we originally planned to fish.  Our original plan was strategically scouted with Google Earth and our Delorms.  We geared up rather quickly and realized we forgot a few things.  Nothing that would inhibit our fishing, other than forgetting our boat net and water, which the water would become very, very important during our trip.  Did I mention I bought a 12 inch seat riser for the rowing seat and swivels for both seats?  Well what a difference that made.  I could see clear over the person sitting in the fishing seat.  What I didn’t realize was that having the seat that high would completely ruin the angle needed to properly and comfortably row the Nanner.  Which would be quite fun as the trip went on.

The first mile was good looking water.  Lots of grass, structure, shade, depth, water flow, and fish activity.  Mitch boated the first smallie not to far from the put in, but our main targets were Muskie.  It didn’t take long to get our first glimpse of the fish of 10,000 cast as Mitch spotted one and let out a hair raising, “Holy, shit…Musky wright under the boat.”  A skinny Musky probably 35 inches cruised under the boat and made a circle around us.  Mitch did make a few cast to it but the jig was up before we knew it.  He did give us a good showing of just how fast and agile big fish can be.  He also put on a good show of how to frantically cast a big fly to a big fish.  Which can best be describe as a 6 year old who got to jump in ball pit at Chuckie Cheese for the first time.

After our musky sighting our spirits were up and the big flies were slinging bank to bank.  A few minutes after our Musky encounter we headed downstream and floated out of the shade into some deeper water.  Casted to a few large schools of carp with no luck since they saw us coming from a mile away.   This is the point where the fishing got slow, as well as the water and did I mention the wind picked up?.  Remember in the beginning of my story how we scouted this stream?  Big mistake!!  We were about 2 miles down the stream, thinking we had maybe 2 more to go.  It was about 1130, no water, but we did have Mitches iPhone with Google Earth.  So he does a little GPS, where are we and how far we got left.  I wonder how far they have left you say?  Well only about 7 of the slowest, deepest, wind blowing upstream, no water, no shade MILES LEFT.  As dehydration set in and our bodies started to drink themselves we began to come up with ways of punishing Tim and the devil spawn he calls his children.  At some point midway through the last 7 miles we came to a couple of houses close to the river.  We came up with the though that we could park the boat and go up to one of the houses and drink from their outside faucet.  Which is a great idea when no one is home.  If I had any tears I would have cried when we rowed past the guy washing his car.  If he would have only know what Mitch would have done for a drink of water.

Finally around 4 o’clock, roughly 6 hours after we put in we arrived at the take out.  Broke down the boat and headed for the store with our discussions covering nothing but how much more we hated our beloved borther in law andwhat we were going to drink.  Ice Tea, Water, Gatorade, Coke, Fanta, Sunkist, Mountain Dew….I haven’t been that thirsty while fishing in a long long time.  Not since the trip with Grateful down south.

Sorry no pics…well I think Mitch took one.  But the day was pretty much a bust as far as the musky fishing goes.  The bass were plentiful but like I said they weren’t the target.




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