Tiny Little Friends and Lunch Boxes.

4 Oct

Another LONG 3 day work week leading up to a 4 day weekend.  I know you hate me, but I pay my dues with 12 hour work days as a nurse in Intensive Care.  Though I have played “Preceptor” to a new hired for the last 5 months, which has resulted in me bashing down egos and building a knowledge base like no other seen outside of AREA 54 (which is far more advanced than AREA 51).  For example, Patient A we’ll call him.  My precepte introduces himself, “my name is bla bla bla and I’ll be your nurse.”  Patient A, “Why are their 2 of you for one patient, and how the hell did I get 2 guys as my nurses?”  Precepte, “I’m new in ICU and I get 6 months training because cases here are more advanced than what I’m used to.”  The patient turns and looks at me.  My response, “Basically if I leave you alone with him for 5 minutes, you’ll never make it out of here.”  Patient A, “today is going to be a good day, why don’t one of you 2 assholes make yourself useful get me some coffee.”  Nothing beats a patient, despite how sick they may be, who keeps it real.  I’ve come to learn that keeping a patient happy by just making them feel normal goes along way.  Although there are quite a few out there that no one can please.  ON TO THE FISHING!!

My fellow BRM compadre’s Ryan and Dave have been living it up recently on the tail waters of Eastern TN.  Unfortunately Wv lacks in adequate tailwaters as well as many other “Fisheries” related things.  But hey we got water and we got trout so I can’t complain, because I know no one will listen.  So Thursday I spent the night tying flies for my upcoming trip to Erie, PA with my daddy-o this monday and Tuesday.  And Yes the flows are steady and clear with a 40% chance of rain tonight clearing early in the AM, which should make for a fun day of watching my dad get his ass kicked by steelhead.  Did I mention that I’m a Call of Duty 3 Xbox Junkie? 

If any of the readers out there are Xboxers send a friend link to BentRodMedia, yes I said BentRodMedia as an xbox live screen name.  Hey it’s 40$ for a years worth of publicity, there are 130,000-200,000 people online playing COD 3 every night.  So, up Thursday till about 3 a.m. with plans to either chase some brook trout or float the nanner on some smallie waters nearby.  After I crawled out of be around noonish, got my chores done,  and packed the truck it was about 1 p.m. so I decided to head over to a stream I had not fished for around a year.  This stream used to be full of brook trout until someone told someone who told everyone.  Which unfortunately always brings the baitchuckers.  Why the FUCK would you keep a native brook trout? 

Despite the lack of past numbers the beauty of this boulder filled gradient stream is still there.  Despite only fishing about 3 hrs because of the rain, which I endured until fully saturated, I managed to bring to hand about 14.  All ranging in sizes from 4-10 inches and various pre-spawn colors of the fall. 


The next day Mitch, Tim (one of those dam caytons we’ve talked about before), and myself geared up early and headed for some wild and native Wv trout.  After a 10 minute 30 mile gravel throwing drive we arrived at not our original destination but one we brained up on the way.  Chosen because of some past big wild brown experiences and the ravishing scenic beauty.   

We hit up the sections we knew and headed back down the mountain for cell phone service.  Luckly Tim now has 7 Lab/Mastiff puppies safe at home. 

On the way back to camp we reached a top speed of 108 mph and Tim let something unearthly out of his colon that left a film of grease on the windows.  After swallowing back the previous nights caloric intake we headed down to another known “Trifecta” stream with Brook, Browns, and Rainbows all reproducing despite no REGULATIONS and STATE STOCKING ON TOP OF WILD/NATIVE FISH!!!!  The fishing continued for about another 2 hours until we headed home, satisfied with fish smell on our hands and beer on our breath.   We finished off the night drinking an evil concoction called a Lunch Box, which consisted of a 16 oz beer mug with 1/2 beer, 1/2 orange juice and 1 full shot of Amaretto.  A drink so evil that my camera would not take a picture of it.  A very very very FILLING drink.          

   I leave you with this quote and picture from one of our sponsors.  “BYOB….Bring Your Own Boogers!”




3 Responses to “Tiny Little Friends and Lunch Boxes.”

  1. Chad October 5, 2009 at 4:34 PM #

    100% awesome.

    • bentrodmedia October 6, 2009 at 2:47 AM #

      Thanks Chad!!

      • Chad October 6, 2009 at 8:05 PM #

        You bet. Rarely do fishing blogs elicit coffee to come out of my nose.

        BTW, you now owe me a keyboard.

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