Preparation: Part 2 New York Style

31 Oct

Another trip planned, this time Western New York for those massive Salmon Trutta, Oncorhynchus Tashawytscha, and Oncorhynchus Mykiss.  Making their annual migration out of the Lakes and into the tributaries, some to get laid and some to gourge themselves on caviar.  This trip has been in the making since returning home from our trip last year.  Last years trip still brings a southern WV stream like taste to my mouth.  A dysentery feeling still comes over me when thinking about dealing with delayed/cancelled flights back home.  A fucking shame what our airlines have become.   It’s like everyone that works for the airlines is from Ashville N.C.  All they were missing was a 50 year old woman, with a cat on a leash playing a banjo at the check in counter…..poor cat.

Mitch again started planning the trip around his tough banker like schedule.  He either found a holiday, Veterans Day, or since mitch looks like a terrorist after a few days of dischevelment took the day off to remember Yasser Arafat (Died 11/11/04).  4 days penciled in and I tagged in myself to work on my schedule to make it happen (Done).  Ryan followed up with confirmation that he will be there like a mexican at home depot.  Dave “Nymph-O” has another appointment with his doctor to deal with his never ending E.D. that he can’t miss.

With the dates set and cabin rented for a few days of our usual debotchery Ryan sends Mitch and I an email throwing a wrench into everything because he is still a little kid at heart and wants to still be a policeman.  Which he had to let that dream go when they raised the height requirements for the job.  But he’s better off, more time to fish now.  He tell’s us that he has some type of recertification requirement he has to attend and we have to move the trip back 1 day.  Of course after we made schedule changes and reservations.  Thankfully it wasn’t that big a change and we all made it work. 

Ryan will once again try and find his way to our destination and back relying solely on our airline system.  God speed my friend.  God Speed.



One Response to “Preparation: Part 2 New York Style”

  1. erdo November 2, 2009 at 11:46 PM #

    kick some new york ass guys

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