In Search of Leroy Brown

2 Nov
Ok folks, here is a run down of the past few weeks events. Sorry for not posting, but the killer fishing and my eventful work schedule have been consuming my time. Not to mention I have been spending more time than planned on our terrestrial video. Man the work that goes into a video, it ain’t easy, and it can be down right tedious. 

So to sum up the fishing, well lets let the pictures do the talking. Oh and just like Sanford and Son, I have welcomed a new boat to my collection. I needed another raft for smallies, and those rivers that eat hard bottom boats for breakfast. So I had to break her in this past Sunday on the Watauga. Since the TVA has decided to spill the dam, we decided to do a upper river float to search for some hungry browns. The fishing was slow, but steady, and like usual we came through with one respectable fish. My amigo Frodo sealed the deal on a fine colored up female brown. Ok enough rambling, heres the porn!

My new ride! like I needed another!

Frodo with Mrs. Leroy. She is all colored up ready to tango!


Frodo saying his goodbye's with a tear in his eye!

Here is a nice wild brown that I picked up chunking streamers at dusk.

Murphy and Mr. Leroy ! Nothing like pre-spawn browns on your favorite wild stream!

Murph using an old trestle as a spotting platform.

Yet another victim of our exploits!

This guy looks like he could eat a small child! Small creek'n rocks!


We rescued this dog during a recent float, she was trying to swim to my boat for some reason, but almost drowned in the swift current. She has done the boat thing before, she knew right where to sit.

Can you say BUTTER!

Well thats all for now. Heading to NY next week, so hopefully we will have a wild tale to share with you. 



2 Responses to “In Search of Leroy Brown”

  1. Bryan November 3, 2009 at 8:11 PM #

    Looks like you guys were down in the dirty south. Need to make it down there to play with the residents.

  2. bentrodmedia November 4, 2009 at 1:29 AM #

    We talked to all the residents down there and they will not be biting again until the spring.

    BayE 🙂

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