Scratching the Itch

8 Nov

With no one to accompany me on a float trip I spent Friday night going through my fishing gear preparing for our New York trip. I’ll probably still forget something I’m sure. Saturday morning came despite trying to fight it off by staying up till 4am watching Eastbound and Down. Bored to death and debating wheather or not to go fishing or stay home and watch the Wv Mountaineers try to embarrass themselves. I’m glad I did not choose the latter. WVU 17 LOU 9….come on Stew. Should have been a tune up game for the rough road schedule ahead. At least we are bowl eligible.

Streamside by 11, I fought back the urge to tie on the White Ghost Woolybugger and rigged up the 4 weight for some double nymph high sticking action. I haven’t fished this spot for about a year or more. A small stream with tight banks filled with laurel. Decent flows with water temps in the low 50’s. A perfect day to be on the water. Very little wind, 70 degree temps and clear blue sky. The only problem was the GIN clear water and the sun at my back casting a huge shadow in front of me.

I set up my first cast about 15-20 yards from the head of a big plunge pool, best hole on the stream. I inspected my backcasting surroundings and picked spot to cast to. My caddis and copper john double nymph rig did the job on the 1st cast, picking off a 9-10 inch wild brown. My first brown trout from this stream. After about 3 dozen more casts I moved on to the head of the pool and into the woods to walk the banks and sight fish. Being that it’s the beginning of Salmon Trutta spawning season I tried my best to stick to the bank and watch for reds. Although I was disappointed not to see any REDS the technique paid off for me. I spotted a rainbow cruising the banks sipping midges from the surface. I watched him for a few minutes trying to figure out how the hell I was going to cast to him and where the best place would be to plop in my fly. I circled back around and dropped in behind to make the best cast possible. After some tree trimming my copper john came through….TWICE. One wild brown and one wild bow.


I spent the rest of the day walking the stream. Spotted a few fish, 2 of them 18-20 inch browns. The stream really surprised me and I’ll be back to do some more scouting.


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