A Different Meaning.

28 Nov

Time well spent on a stream, river, lake chasing our wet friends has and will always be priceless to me.  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot more time on the water than most.  It seems to me that now most days are forgotten unless reminded by a picture/video or “That Moment” that is out of the norm.  This trip surpassed most if not all others as I finally had the opportunity to take my father.  It wasn’t his first trip, he accompanied me and the crew to New York this year only to be flipped the fin.  It was though the first opportunity we have had to get together and try to piece together the puzzle that is fly fishing.  Dad is a beginner, only pickup up a fly rod on 3 other occasions all being on steelhead like streams.  This was his first chace to get out on West Virginia water, with the stream basically all to ourselves.  A picture perfect day on the water.  A little over cast, temps in the 40’s early and 50’s by noon, and good flows.  The night before we discussed doing a float trip vs wading in Randolph County.  The need for practicing the overall concept of fly fishing instead of lob casting from the pontoon and we decided on a wade trip. 

With our hands smelling of fish we called it a day.  Headed back home for an early Thanksgiving Dinner.



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