You Ever Get That Not So Fresh Feeling…While In Tennessee

22 Dec

The end of the guide season, for all practical purposes, has arrived as the vast majority of folks have no desire to tough it out in the elements that go hand in hand with the winter trout game.  I don’t really blame people for this attitude, as more often then not December, January, and February mean freezing your guides, hands, feet, and ass off chasing trout that most days feed in very narrow windows and spend the rest of the day in a general state of apathy that closely resembles my senior year of college (solid 2.0…the definition of a Mendoza mindset).  It was with these odds in mind that I kicked off my fishing season last week with a couple of Tennessee floats.

The South Holston was my first stop with Murphy, Ryan, and our new Panga Boat Captain Jamie (he’s cool…just don’t get your hands to close to his mouth).   The fishing was decent all the way down to Jack’s place with fish and fun being had by all.  Murphy takes the prize for biggest fish of the day with a nice 16″ Brown that smacked a WMD, wrapped Murphy around a tree for two minutes, freed himself, and was nice enough to come boat side for this lovely photo op.

After we got past Jack’s place the fishing turned off due to water clarity that can best be described as defecating in a plastic bag and trying to tell me how many fingers I am holding up whilst looking through the aforementioned bag of feces.  Murphy was supposed to stick around for another couple of days and float with me and Ryan but after a day in the  frozen tundra with less than banner prospects for the future, Murphy turned tail and ran back to West Virginia without so much as hug or an awkward glance.

So with a brief interlude of shop duty I once again braved the elements and met Ryan and Jamie on the Watauga for a day of non-generation grab ass.  We got into fish right off the bat and consistently if not quickly put fish on the boat the rest of the day.  The pescatorial bugs de jour (bugs of the day for you non french speaking red blooded Americans out there) were a variety of midges and mayfly nymphs.  Ryan wound up catching the fish of the day early, and with only a brief yet memorable challenge by yours truly resulting in a lost 17″ Rainbow, Ryan proceeded to let me know about it the rest of the day.  This is pretty typical for Ryan as the only way he can make his candle burn brighter is by blowing other people’s candles out…sad really…a desperate cry for help from a frightened little boy..if you see Ryan give him a big hug and tell him that he’s not alone.

Two days in Tennessee have gone by the wayside and I am not the winner of a chicken dinner on either.  This my friends is troublesome and not the way I had hoped to kick off my season.  My only hope at this point is to sit back down at the vise, crank out some new killer patterns, and start fishing by myself so that I am guaranteed to be the big fish guy every day.

Always Poppin’ and Lockin’,

– Nymph-o


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