WTF and Onemoreitis

24 Dec

WTF best describes this Fall and Winters fishing season. I do know we aren’t in a drought any more, due to the new Southeastern Monsoon Season. It seems that every time I try to plan a float on my favorite E. Tenn tailwater, I am hoodooed by Mother Nature. Then when the stars do align and there is a break in the TVA’s relentless spilling schedule, a snow storm breaks bad on the Southeast. Now you throw in the dumb asses who can’t drive and you see why I didn’t hitch my boat and plow my way to Tenn. Although I did get to ski some sick powder (which is best described by the acronym WTF. WTF Powder in the SE?) this past week, and I beat the City folks to the slopes on this Christmas Holiday since the roads were covered. Ok so it isn’t all doom and gloom, I have managed to rekindle an old flame, and no I am not talking about Dave’s mother! Since I despise DH and my usual Tailwater adventures are few and far between I decided to make a Journey to the big “D”, or Davidson for you naive folks. I prefer to call it the D-bag for the Hoards that frequent the area. Nevertheless, I use to fish the “D” some years ago, but strayed away for obvious reasons. So now fast Forward to 2009 and I am back on the fabled holy waters of Western NC. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the “D”, but when you have to bring your own rock, the reluctant tube hatch, and 2 hour drive, you see why I would rather sit in a drift boat with my beer cooler, and look cool! 

Anyways I have made several trips over the past couple weeks to fish Mother D with my amigo Jamey and it has been a pleasant homecoming. The fish that inhabit her waters have be very gracious to my return and have been willing to eat my flies and not make me look like a total ass. It seems that bad weather spawns some epic fishing over there. I have fished all over this year from Nicaragua to New York, I have caught some really nice fish. But the other day on the “D” is probably going to be the most memorable trip of 2009. Jamey and I showed up early that day and it was cold as hell, the road and the area was under a blanket of snow. The water was running a little high and crystal clear, so spotting fish was easy, however catching them wasn’t. It wasn’t like the week or so before when the water was stained and you could get away with 5x tippet. Nope, 6 and 7x tippet, size 22 and smaller  flies were the game. It was cold and they weren’t moving far to eat. As luck would have it, the hot fly was the one I had the least of. We were able to tangle with some nice fish throughout the day, and like most anglers I lost what was thought to be my last “Money” fly to an overhanging branch. Nothing in my midge box seemed to be the one, I mean I was still catching fish, but it wasn’t no where as consistent. As the day wound to a close, we took a short beverage break and reminisced on the day we were having. While we were chilling on the tailgate of my truck, we watched most of the other anglers pack up their gear and head out. Jamey suggested we hike down river for the last 30 minutes of daylight.

So we trudged through the snow to our spot and began fishing. “Nothing” is the word that best describes the fishing at this point. I change flies and so on, and still nothing I finally climbed the far bank to spot fish for a few. While I was spotting for Jamey, I decided to look through my midge box for something I haven’t tried, and there it was, my “Money Fly”. Somehow it had found a way to hide from me all day. This was the hot fly I was talking about, the fly I only had two of, the two flies that  I lost earlier in the day, “The Fly”. Anyways I say what the hell, let make a few more casts. So I rig it up behind my point fly wade up to the spot Jamey was previously fishing and begin to fish the seams. Shortly after I start fishing I watch my indicator abruptly stop and sink, as I am sitting there in disbelief instinct sets in and I set the hook.  Fish on, and as I am applying down stream pressure I realize it isn’t an average fish as my attempts to turn the fish go nowhere. I am thinking please God be on the point fly which is tied to 6x, then I realize it is on the dropper and 7x. Oh shit, thats a big fucking fish and she is heading straight for that log. Damn it I can’t muscle her or I will break the tippet, and my reel is screaming. As luck would have it she hit the swift water and turned back towards me. After a few more head slaps and runs Jamey scoops the beast with his net only for her to flop out and take off. “Shit”, here we go again. I finally coax her back and this time Jamey is able to keep her in the net. As I sit there I realize this is probably going to be the best fish of the year, not because of her size, but because of the events leading up to the catch, and the one time Onemoreitis pays off! So its true, sometimes the sun does shine on a dogs ass!


Here are pics from our recent misadventures to the “D”.



A few pics while fishing the NC Monsoon season!


One Response to “WTF and Onemoreitis”

  1. bentrodmedia December 25, 2009 at 12:19 AM #

    Very Nice Raul!!!


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