A day at the DMV

29 Dec

I fought back the tears from the shear though of going to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  With the recent snow and holidays the expected numbers at the DMV were mind boggling to say the least.  So I procrastinated until about noonish.  After changing out a tire on my truck that had gone flat I headed out for the Bank and the DMV.  I arrived at the DMV after a quick in and out at the bank (suprising).  Upon eyesight of the DMV there were to many cars to count, and since I work the next 3 days today would have to be the day.  It’s monday, the first day they have been open after the holidays and the endless snow we have gotten.  I walk in to a sea of people, no chairs to sit in.  Why is it that no one can go to the DMV alone?  Everyone there seemed to have someone with them.  Most if not all look as if they couldn’t afford a car.  So I went to the counter to renew my driver’s license and got my ticket.  B287 and down at the bottom of the ticket was the estimated wait time……28 minutes.  You got to be kidding me?  Now one would think the DMV would be prepared for a day like this, much like wal mart does on busy shopping days.  But no…..only 3 tellers, or whatever you call them, waiting on people.  So I take a seat next to some fat couple and listen to them talk about their “sugar diabetes and prostrate disease (thats what the common folk call it).”  An hour and a half later I was getting my picture taken and I was out the door.  I felt as if I have been raped of life.  

Now as I sit here cooking dinner I look out the window as the snow falls once again.  Whiting out the possibility of a quick fishing trip.  Hopefully the planets will align one or two days this week and open the door for some fishing.    



One Response to “A day at the DMV”

  1. Nymph-o December 29, 2009 at 3:02 PM #

    I think it is kind of odd you know what getting raped feels like. Prison? Ruphies? Or were you asking for it dressing slutty and all.

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