7 Jan

As the old bitter bastard Mr Winter tightens his grip on the north and most of the south-east, our days on the stream have become, well none.   Like most other “Die Hard” fly fishermen I have come to enjoy fishing in the months of Dec. through Feb.  when the weather is just barely above unfishable.   It’s going on 2 weeks now with no window of opportunity or cooperation by old Mr Winter.  The great state of West By God has seen temps not over 25 degrees and countless inches of snow spread over 2 weeks with no end in sight until next Wednesday.   Yes this trout ninja will be fishing Wednesday if the mercury creeps into the 30’s.   The fly boxes are full of freshly tied flies just itching to be sent to the river bottom or with the rest of Nymph-O’s flies in Tree Heaven.   If I do not get out of this FOKKing house, off this computer and out of these normal clothes and into my waders, or superhero outfit as I like to call it, I am going to start murdering people.  

What is, or are FOKKERS you may be wondering to yourself while reading?

FOKKERS are Friends of Korkers

We try not to be big into the promotional side of this industry, well at least until someone starts footing the complete BRM adventure bill.  Although, our friends over at korkers have helped our feet out tremendously over the last 3 years, and we have some big feet.   We as in everyone but Ryan and his size 9’s or loose 10’s.   Every time I see his boots or waders I think, “Awww how cute” as if someone is showing off baby clothes.  Now when our token midget consultant “Frodo” accompanies us, Rauls clothes do look alot bigger.  So I close my marginal blatherings with this.  The next time you are looking for new wading boots, think to yourself, I sure do like those FOKKERS and go FOK yourself.  Buy Korkers and OmniTrax your ass up and down the stream.



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