Yay For Me

14 Jan

I have been blessed for the past year or so.  Due to a perfect storm of the shit economy, graduate school, and no children I have been able to fish at will. Sure, I drew wifey’s ire on occasion but I still fished way more than most.  This allowed me the freedom to look at the weather forecast, the generation schedules, and my minimal responsibilities and choose the best days on the best rivers.  This luxury was snatched away from me like a lollipop from a baby as soon as my own baby boy was born.  I now have reverted to my old standby style of procuring fishing days for myself.   This process usually plays out with me on my knees crying like a school girl begging for a trip to the mall to hang out with my peeps at the food court (let’s say SBARROS).  Each fishing day earned is to be cherished as it may be the last one for months.  Therefore you go fishing no matter what the conditions.  It could have been raining feces from the sky with on and off periods of flatulating thunder (I’m in a body function kind of mood today I don’t know why) and I was going fishing.  With this grim state of affairs in mind I met up with Ryan and our Panga Boat Captain, who henceforth and forever shall be referred to as Chuckles the Botanist (only because it amuses me), for a lovely mid January float on the Watauga.The temps were suppose to top out around thirty with the wind chill well below that.  Luckily the fish were nice and toasty in the bottom release water which was a balmy 45 degrees.  Brown liquor, beer, and fried chicken were loaded up and we were on our way.  They were turning two wheels for two hours so we rode the wave down to the trophy section.  We set up in the caddis riffle probing the big drop off on the right with various egg/midge fare.  We weren’t there five minutes before Chuckles is already up three fish on me and Ryan.  Damn that Chuckles and his 49 year old wrinkly testicles (Happy Birthday Chuckles).

Usually I am not one to begrudge another man’s catch but at this point I was mentally settling in for another day of grinding and frustration.  Luckily for me this doomed fate was not to be.  After the first couple of trout landed I sort of lost myself  in a fish catching orgy the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the times of Roman bath houses.  Well, maybe it wasn’t that good but I haven’t been on the water in while so let me enjoy my  moment.  Oh yeah, in all the tooting of my own horn I forgot That Ryan Caught a couple of fish to.

A day like that, while hard on the toes and fingers, will warm the empty void that has become my fishing soul like a hearty bowl of barley soup (I like barley soup it’s almost like eating beer).  So until the next time I can con my way onto the water, soup will just have to do.

– Nymph-o



3 Responses to “Yay For Me”

  1. bentrodmedia January 14, 2010 at 8:31 PM #

    You forgot to mention that Jamey out fished us both, and the fact that Murphy is in hibernation with his newly applied layer of baby fat! Oh I forgot to mention you were not ready to slit your wrist after this trip! Which is a good thing!


  2. Nymph-o January 14, 2010 at 9:13 PM #

    why can’t you just let me have my moment…murphy is fat

  3. bentrodmedia January 14, 2010 at 11:16 PM #

    You two, especailly Nymph-O, are 2 ugly mother-fuckers……even more so in those ra-tar-did looking jackets. Good read and it looks as if ryans brown topped them all.

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