I once Was Lost…But now I’m Found

17 Jan

We’ve recently made some directional changes to our Domain Name and to the web site.  As for now the address www.BentRodMedia.com will point you to our Blog.  The official sub-Domain Name for our web site will be www.BaseCamp.BentRodMedia.com which will of course direct you to our web site.  We’ve also made some additions to our group over the last month with the addition of Reel Job Fishing’s Kent “The Hulk” (only because he looks similar to the Hulk Hogan minus the massive testicle shrinking steroids) Klewein.  www.Kent-Klewein.com  So on our Proprietors page http://basecamp.bentrodmedia.com/The_Proprietors.php you will find some additions.  As well as some GREAT Louis Cahill photography http://louiscahill.com/   Lets see thats 5 plugs so far…….thats all I got.  Back to working on what I messed with and in turn messed up on the web site.  


Web Site hosted by www.Godaddy.com thats 6.  

Blog hosted by www.WordPress.com  Lucky number 7.

One Response to “I once Was Lost…But now I’m Found”

  1. bentrodmedia January 18, 2010 at 11:33 PM #

    After 2 more attempts I think it’s finished. It’s always nice when your web site host can’t figure out the problem. This was painful!!! How you all are happy with the new mapping. Now if we can just give the blog and web site a face lift.

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