Window of Opportunity

19 Jan

A few days ago god blessed us in the great state of W.Va. with a window of fishing opportunity, only after opening the anal gates of snow dumping hell on us for what seemed like 3 weeks.  Which would be great if I liked to ice fish, but i can’t see myself sitting in one place for that long without getting drunk.  Drunk, on ice with a bunch of holes in it doesn’t seem like a good combination to me.  

After taking down Christmas lights that were buried in the snow for god knows how long I had half left and only bass tastic water close enough to give me a fishing chance in hell of landing something.  So on with my superhero outfit, as I like to call my waders and this is what I found.  A few nibbles and a flash here and there but nothing to hand.  Was a good stress relief to be out on the water.

The next day, not knowing how good steelhead fishing would have been up east, i headed down the road to one the the toughest streams to fish.  Tough because the fish are few, with fast water, rocks as slick as Obamas election campain and really deep pocket-water. 

Acid is never good…no matter how many times you take it……never good.


Sooooo pretty.

1 of the 1000 coal and timber trucks I got behind that extended my drives in and out by at least 30 min. 

Best part about this stream, besides monster brown trout, bald eagles, tail water like flows and bug life is the shitter.  Seen here in all it’s glory.  Nice and cold with fresh 2 ply toilet paper.

New 5 wt reel.  Not a big fan of mother Orvis but she sure does put out some nice gear.  Especially nice after a generous discount. 

There were so many different types of track on the trail, deer, bear, turkey, dog, human, rabbit, and squirrel.

I pulled the old Les Stroud and did manage some nice pics and video work.  Especially the one monster rainbow that decided to try to make a meal out of my orange thingamabobber.  All he managed to do was tangle himself above my strike indicator and break me off after about a 4 second fight.  Camera was right on it though.  Good Stuff.

 Yet another of the 1000 coal and lumber trucks I followed.






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