Bacon Anyone?

22 Jan

Hopefully fishing a mountain stream this weekend, until then these are my favorite bacon products that contain no actual bacon. Enjoy.

The Bacon Wallet...For The Executive That Favors The Swine

The Bacon Lunchbox...Guaranteed To Get Your Kids Beaten Up At School And Their Lunchbox Stolen...Probably By My Kid

The Bacon Flash Drive...God Bless Pork Loving Nerds

The Bacon Briefcase...Very Professional

Bacon Band-Aids...Health Care Reform We Can All Agree On

And last but by no means least,

A Creepy Asian Guy In A Bacon Tuxedo...With An Order Of Hooker On The Side

– Nymph-o

One Response to “Bacon Anyone?”

  1. lsu flyfisher January 23, 2010 at 10:28 AM #

    hopefully you’ll hook some slabs this weekend

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