The Loss of a BRM “Member”

30 Jan

After almost 3 years of outstanding committment,  dedication, and service BRM is loosing one of its finest, most reliable members.  My Pioneer in-dash 9512 VM Dvd player has finally started to die.  First by loosing it’s display screen and then loosing it’s ipod z-link charging capability which caused the ipod not to charge when hooked up to the z-link. Only charging when plugged directly into the car charger (a dangling cable) which causes a very annoying “humming” sound with the audio when plugged into charge. So after some Elvis Presley electrician like manipulation by yours truly (many people don’t know Elvis was an electricians apprentice before he made it big) I bypassed the z-link with simple A-V cables, which works great, but now the song/video/radio controls are now directed by using the ipod instead of the touch screen on the dvd player or the remote……truely a pain in the ass. Lastly the player itself is starting to overheat something fierce. So yesterday I decided to check the manual for solutions on my issues. What I found was about 10 receipts from the day of purchase and multiple days of attempted installation by Circuit City. Yes the now out of business Circuit City. What I forgot about was the 4 year warranty plan.   A few minutes of jubilation were quickly replaced by despair because of CC’s bankruptcy.  Turning to the realm of ultimate wisdom, the internet, searching for the possibility of the warranty still having some clout.  I quickly “Binged” some results that gave me a number to call that  revived hope of getting a replacement.

I ran to the phone and one eight hundred myself into push button madness that I knew would lead me to one of Raul’s  spanish, hindu, arabic speaking relatives in Egypt.  1…….1……3…….1….3……2….(the fucks are beginning to stack up at this point and the wife has made me go to the man cave)….2……..45733374850 (warranty number) now wer are getting somewhere……..1……..1…….2 and CHUCK COMES ON THE PHONE.  That would be Chuck from AMERICA.  Chuck that speaks plain, easy to understand ENGLISH.  I quickly go through my problems with Chuck from AMERICA.  He tells me he’s sorry, a truly sorry….sorry.  We told childhood tales, laughed, joked, exchanged numbers, and he told me I would simply have to remove the dvd player head unit only.  Print out some pre-paid postage receipts and mail it back to them.  When the receipts are scanned in by UPS it will trigger and return payment via check of the full purchase price. YEA FOR ME.  600$ and I can get the upgraded version at best buy for 400$  YEA FOR ME!!!


Sorry not much else fishing related to post on (even though this piece of equipment gets used on trips more than just about anything)……….god has decided to melt the 10 feet of snow we have and now dump about 2 inches of rain on us here in the mountain state.  Hopefully steelhead alley will continue to open up and a weekend of steel chasing will ensue!


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