Sunday Shorts

7 Mar

Every Sunday we will be posting some of the Fly Fishing Media Noir found on the web of worldwide fly fishing madness.

03/06/2010: A little Tortures for flies love follow up with a taste of FISHIZZLE!!

Steve has been a fishing guide in Bush Alaska for the past seven years. Life was great: spectacular scenery, great friends and world class fish. But after a brutal boat crash Steve has to make a decision: live his dangerous dream at the edge of the world for little money or move back to Seattle and build a career. Working a nine to five at Wooligan’s® winter outfitter isn’t Steve’s idea of a future, so he spends his time trying to fish, watching amazing fishing videos and trying to figure out how to make a career out of fishing full time.

Fishizzle! DVD includes the awesome 45 minute feature: “Fishizzle!”, over an hour and a half of bonus features and a cool Fishizzle! sticker!

**The COON**


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