Monday Ponderings On Thingamabobbers, Marketing, and Profilactics

3 May

This is an exact quote I read as I re-stocked the shop with my favorite Indicators today,

  • Uses Revolutionary Trapped Air Technology
  • Casts Like a Champ In Any Weather Condition
  • Easy To Attach and Adjust
  • Stays In Place On Your Line
  • Never Sinks and Does Not Require Any Floatant
  • Ultra Sensitive

Now it may just be me, but that sounds an awful lot like a condom commercial to me.  I mean I know I look for protection that is easy to attach and adjust, as well as a Jimmy hat that casts like a champ in any weather conditions.  Just something to think about folks.  Till next time, make sure it stays in place on your line.

– Nymph-o


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