Friday is Picture Day: Florida Stink Eye

7 May

05/07/2010:  The Florida Stink EYE!!

It wasn’t a record-breaking day in numbers on in size like I would have hoped.  But I did get my first taste of the previously elusive Red Drum.  This was the 2nd trip I have done with El-Capitan Lemmon and I won’t hesitate to book him again when I get the chance to come back to Fla.  Getting the opportunity to see, cast to, and miss countless reds varying in sizes from 2 pounds to 30 pounds is what is keeping me up at night thinking of the next trip to the Lagoon.  The opportunities were there and I have to admit I missed a few good shots.   Casting was not a problem with Nate positioning the boat so the wind was at my back.  Each cast so beautiful that anyone watching must have thought they were being thrown by the Greek God Zeus himself.   Being able to thrown out every inch of fly line on my reel is something I don’t get to do everyday.  It still amazes me to think how smart these fish are.  Thanks again to Captain Nate for bringing his big long black stick and poling me around for the day. 

28599_403015222632_105452532632_453.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
Me, Happier than a pig taking a Mud Bath after eating 3 day old doughnuts.

redfish097-1.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

redfish102-1.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

I did learn a vital lesson on this trip which helped me concur my arch rival, the STRIPPING BASKET.  After tangling my fly line twice, which is very hard to do, I turned to Nate and told him he better start acting like a guide and guide me around this god for saken stripping basket.  I was stripping out line and dumping it into the stripping basket and then making my casts.  When I needed more line for the following cast I would pull line off the reel and wind it into the stripping basket.  What was happening was that I would always end up with line in the basket going two different directions ending up in some form of knot.  The solution was cast out most if not all the line and start stripping line into the basket leaving only line going in one direction.  It made perfect sense.  One would think someone would put directions on or in the stripping basket. 

redfish116.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

redfish118.jpg picture by Bentrod2010



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