Tuesday Rationalization: Snout Soup

17 May

05/17/2010:  I know today is reserved for Tuesday rationalization, but we ain’t gotta rationalize shit when we get to fish.  That means our rationalizing is working.  Now on to the fishing.  I chose the title Snout Soup for my beloved brother-in-law, because I know how much he loves to hear the phrase “Snout Soup”.  Anyone who is anything of a fly fisherman in or near West Virginia knows of the Elk river and it’s infamous annual “Snout Soup” dance of the mayflies.  And no there is no dancing nor is anyone eating actual fish snout soup, although it is good….very good.  I’m going try to keep my storytelling to a minimum because I know none of our readers could possibly have a very long attention span (Nymph-O get your hand out of  your pants and finish looking at this post!).

The primary objective:  Catch Trout

Secondary Objective:  Film and Photograph Trout

Objective Outcomes:  Success

Great day on the water till about 5pm with the masses started to accumulate, in which i’m sure are there usual spots.  Rocks were piled up into chairs and the fishermen sat, waiting for the mayfly dance to happen.  Kinda like sitting away from the stage at the tittie bar just waiting for the good-looking girls to dance.  Ugly, small, short, fat, smart, stupid it doesn’t matter, get off your ass and pay homage.  

elkriver2010004.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010025.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010024.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010023.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010020.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010017.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010016.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010015.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010013.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010012.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010011.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010010.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

elkriver2010007.jpg picture by Bentrod2010



2 Responses to “Tuesday Rationalization: Snout Soup”

  1. Jason Hanson May 18, 2010 at 2:31 PM #

    Nice pics Murphy you didn’t do bad after all…….

    • bentrodbaye May 18, 2010 at 3:03 PM #

      Would have had some more Fish pics to post but i wasn’t sure about the angle of the new camera with the way it has to be positioned, so a lot of pics didn’t turn out with the fish in frame. Next time with a little more practice and maybe a laser pointer attached to the camera to get a an angle perspective.

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