The Natives are Wild

19 May

Too tired from the real world to babble on and on and bore you away from this post that will only lead to you getting in trouble by either your wife, mother, father or mr law man.  The short version is–last Sunday I felt like chasing some wild and native trout, which is pretty easy to do in good old West by God Virginia as  you can see by the pictures below.  The only thing that eluded me was a wild brown sunday.  Also, as many of your probably already know, it is not a wise decision to buy anything from Hong Kong off EBay.  This I already knew but couldn’t resist and of course after getting a good solid 2-3 hrs of video on the new GoPro the 32 gig card decided to fail and all was lost.  Great footage lost never to been seen again.  Another lesson learned I guess.  ENJOY because the peak of the dry-fly season will be over before you know it.

senecadryfork2010037.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
senecadryfork2010038.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
senecadryfork2010043.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
senecadryfork2010041.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

senecadryfork2010032.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
senecadryfork2010014.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
senecadryfork2010010.jpg picture by Bentrod2010
senecadryfork2010008.jpg picture by Bentrod2010


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