Tye One On: SEM Sculpin

20 May

Every Thursday we will attempt (and by attempt we mean the chances of you actually learning anything are slim to none) to bring you to a tying bench from somewhere across the world.

05/20/2010:  The SEM Sculpin is a Rainy’s fly pattern that a guy named Carter developed about 15 years ago while guiding for warm water fish. This weighted fly was developed to fish for bass and bream in cold situations where the fish were deep but a sink tip line was over powering. The fly works great year round when getting from 4 to 8 feet is needed. This pattern also held the IGFA 6 pound tippet Shell Cracker (Red Ear Sunfish) world record for 2 years. This pattern catches any fish that eats minnows from warm water ponds to cold water rivers.


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