CarpTastic !!!

24 May

Sunday I manned up on the grill flipping burgers and dogs for some of the fine folks I work with. Fortunately for me there was a farm pond full of crappy, a few bass and a hand full of grass carp. After the first hook up and loss I managed to set the hook and muscle in this 27 inch grass carp, who took a size 8 foam hopper by the way. The ponds owner broke out the tape measure and taped him off telling me it was the first time any of them had been caught since he put them in last year when they were only 12 inches long. He was amazed to think they would eat anything but pond grass. Hopefully since I work with the landowners I’ll be back sometime soon with the nanner boat to explore the rest of the pond and the surrounding ponds. For those of you who don’t know CARP can be some the best fun you will have on a fly rod!!! BRING A BIG NET!!!!

P5230052-1.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

P5230054.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

P5230053.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

P5230051.jpg picture by Bentrod2010



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