Tuesday Rationalization: Waste Not….Pacemaker Fly Box

15 Jun

Every Tuesday we will try to rationalize on life and fly fishing. 

06/15/2010: Ahhhh…..where to begin. My sense of accomplishment is so high I don’t know where to begin my story. Lets see…..how about a list of ingredients needed to create such a fly box.

1. Take 1 failing heart in need of an internal pacemaker from Boston Scientific.
2. A cardiologist with the ability to place such a device and more importantly save the box it comes in.
3. 1 inch foam, which comes in a variety of pretty colors at the local Fabric Store.
4. Super glue (not just for sniffing, well if you buy extra it can be).
5. “Safety” Scissors.
6. Razor (not to be used until huffing buzz wears off).

Take cut to size foam, glue in place, cut lines vertically into, but not completely through foam, also leaving a small section of foam intact above and below the cut line. PRESTO….a generic Cliff Box rip-off.

flyboxes006.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

flyboxes012.jpg picture by Bentrod2010

flyboxes008.jpg picture by Bentrod2010 

Rain Rain Go Away………….


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