Friday is Picture day Silly Rabbits: Trips left Unpublished

23 Jul

07/23/2010:  Seems like every day I get time to hit some water a summer thunderstorm showed up and pissed on my parade for local loitering at the watering hole.  Mitch and I did make it up to the Elk river about a week ago but neither of us were smart enough to bring a simple digital camera so we broke out a small underwater video camera.  I just haven’t sat down and cut anything to show anyone.  I would say the fishing was great but what else would anyone expect when 2 expert fly casters like ourselves set foot on a stream full of fish. 

What I’m going to attempt here has never been done before……I’m going to give you my little version of someone elses trip.  One of many trips that haven’t been posted on and that I have only seen pictures of.  So here goes. 

Once upon a time there was a young man, probably mexican, named Ryan, we will call him Raul.  Raul was planning a trip the next morning to his favorite Tennessee river.  There Raul sat, naked in his basement, sitting indian style in front of his self-made fish god shrine that he prays to daily.  How else could 1 person have that much luck with so little skill on the trout stream?  It can only be the work of the devil.  There Raul sat speaking in tongues, pouring hot wax on himself, drinking the blood of a virgin female goat in order to call upon the fish god once again. 

As you can see below his new water exploration did not disappoint.        

elkriver2010005.jpg picture by Bentrod2010














One Response to “Friday is Picture day Silly Rabbits: Trips left Unpublished”

  1. killbilliesoutdoors July 23, 2010 at 7:45 PM #

    Excellent commentary

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