A Whole new Fishey Game

24 Jul

Hitting the Southern West Virginia waters in search of Monster Carp through the weekend.  Raul has converted the John Boat into a Premier Flats boat to help hunt for the elusive beasts.  Hopefully we will have plenty of shots at tailing fish.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of the word carp….1 of the 40 different definitions of the word carp.
A Trashy Heavyset or Thick woman. Often found lurking in bars; near or around closing time, usually very easy to pick up, but can also become very angry or violent when in groups. DO NOT APPROACH IF THEY ARE SWIMMING IN PACKS. They like to eat lots of bar grub, tend to be chain Smokers and consumers of cheap beer.
Dude did you take that Carp home last night, she was dirty.

Yeah Man, but she was the only thing left at closing time.


One Response to “A Whole new Fishey Game”

  1. FishKeep July 24, 2010 at 1:43 PM #

    lol love the definition of carp

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