20 Aug

As we left St. Louis I took my turn at the wheel on a 4-6 hr tour behind the wheel.  Almost instantly on the opposite side of the 4-lane, thankfully behind the 4 foot concrete barrier, Mr or more likely Miss’s O-My God-Its-Raining-I-Better-Hit-My-Breaks-As-Hard-As-I-Can decided to water ski his or her car into the barrier.  Then through a few other lanes of traffic, and then around and around in circles.  Somehow not hitting a single thing but the concrete barrier.  Probably piling up about 80 cars behind her (we all know it was a woman or an old Japanese man talking on a cell phone).  Nothing beats yelling out “HOLY SHIT” while driving with 2 people who are half passed out to the world. 

After leaving the one and only stop ever to feather craft it wasn’t long before we entered the vast nothing-ness of Kansas. 

As the weather man rattled off counties that were going to be treated with the business end of a donkey show star, we looked around trying to find out what county we were in.  After figuring out we were in NOHOPEINSIGHT county, thankfully we were not in a county who would be taking part in the Donkey show.  About 30 seconds later that bastard came back on the radio and listed NOHOPEINSIGHT county as part of the show.  I’ve never seen a storm move in so fast in my life, I guess even weather doesn’t want to stick around long in Kansas.  For about 15 minutes I thought we were going to die or at least see some large animals flying through the air.  3 lane traffic was at basically a dead stop and Nymph-O and I now know to use our hazard lights whenever possible around Raul.  I don’t know why they anger him, but when one car turns them on everyone has to turn them on and it seems to infuriate him.



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