NO Means NO

25 Aug

Just recently put in an order to Level 9 for some, soon to be relic, Cloudveil gear.   I ran across a section on their site concerning coupons.  It gave me a little laugh and I thought I would share. 

Level Nine Sports Coupons

We do not have any coupon codes or discounts or special things to search the internet for. You’ll definitely find them, but they are hoaxes. offers the best prices, service and selection. We know it, you know it, competition knows it. We don’t resort to gimmicks to get you the best deal, you get it every day just shopping at our site. 

We do not have any codes for free shipping, free bindings, free hot dogs, free anything. We may offer any or all of these things from time to time and may just throw free stuff in your order because we feel like it, but we don’t offer anything more to those who spend 12 hours trolling the internet for a $1 off coupon. You already knew this was the best place to buy stuff, now you know you don’t have to waste any more time trying to find a secret password.Sometimes we offer discounted shipping if you buy a product.. but that’s listed up there on the top of the page if there is such a thing and it will happen automatically, you don’t need to enter any silly codes.In particular SC001 is not a valid code for anything except maybe a free Redbox movie rental. Seriously how many hours I’ve spent trying to find a code to save a buck on a movie rental… insane.Any code (and there is only one we ever knew of) found on the internet and entered at checkout will not get you any further discount on your order. That includes surveys promising a discount after you place the order. Those are definite hoaxes, and we have nothing to do with them.Seriously, the price for the items in your cart? That’s not low enough?We also do not accept handmade coupons for ‘Levine Sports.’  


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