30 Aug
Article Stolen from KORKERS.
Capt. Kent Klewein

Business Name (Outfitter, Lodge, Employer): Reel Job Fishing, LLC

Website or Blog address: www.kent-klewein.com and www.kent-klewein.com/georgia-fly-fishing-blog

Number of years guiding: Nine

Number of days on the river: 125-150+

Favorite river(s): Noontootla Creek, Toccoa River, Yampa River, Green River, Roaring Fork, South Holston, Watauga River, Gros Ventre

Favorite fly and why: Mouse Pattern because you know it’s almost always going to be a big fish that eats, and the takes are freaking awesome. How can you not enjoy V-wakes behind your fly, toilet bowl flushes, and explosive strikes, come on right?

What KORKERS product do you wear?: Korkers Guide Boot and Predator Wading Boot. The BOA Lacing System is the BOMB! Clients also wear Streamborn Korkers Boots with the Predator and Guide Boots. Korkers are used exclusively for us and our clients. Why?, because they’re honestly the best boots on the market.

What one item would you never head to the river without?:Well I once forgot my wading boots fishing out in Montana on a chilly 5 degree day, and had to wear my Justin boots. That sucked. But I’d be in a world of pain if I forgot my floatant and nippers.

Favorite music to take along: Ryan Bingham, 311, honestly I really need my ipod with all my beats. I’m one of those guys who likes just about any kind of music.

Your most comical fishing memory/story: Trailering a duct-taped up rental drift-boat that required constant bailing with a giant U-haul truck out in Wyoming for a week in 2009. Boy, did we get some funny looks. Just about everything went wrong that trip, but we did still get into some pretty killer fishing and landed some trophy trout. Did I mention we almost got struck by lightning as well. Tingling fingers was the first for me and hopefully the last.

Interesting Facts (fishing or non-fishing): Decided to be a fishing guide when I was ten years old. Once used a chain-saw to defend myself from Brown bears in Alaska. When I’m not on the river you’ll find me bass fishing on our lakes. I’m a smallmouth bass junkie. I’d rather tie my fly patterns than buy them. I like to fish different variations than the same old flies in the bins at the local fly shop.

Catch you’re most proud of: Toccoa River, 26” Wild Brown Trout taken on a mouse pattern. It’s really hard to pin-point one catch that I’m most proud of, but the take from this brown trout looked like a cruise missile launching from a submarine and I’ll never forget that memory.

Favorite type of fishing ( Steelhead – Salmon – Trout): Trout

Other Hobbies: Camping, Hiking, Fly Tying, Hunting



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