Carp Sessions

7 Sep

When Holiday weekends roll around, I usually sit around drinking beer, sometimes I catchup on household choirs, or I loaf in the sun at the lake property. However this past Sunday (might I note it was a holiday weekend) my amigo Matt called and invited me carping, so against my better judgement (fishing on a holiday weekend) I grabbed my gear and hit the road to “Lago Carpachino”. As usual, Bojangles was a little slow on the cajun fillets, so I was a few minutes late to the party. Matt and his friend Paul had already launched the skiff and were already stalking some fish when I pulled up.

The morning started off slow and  there were a few shots here and there, since the sun was still low on the horizon visibility wasn’t the greatest. As the sun burned off the morning dew we were able to spot some feeding fish. As usual, we would line them, make a sudden move, miss a take, and so on. Blown shots are part of the sight fishing game, and when it all comes together you are usually rewarded with some sot of visual stimulation like a vicious take, or screaming run. Carp favor the redfish in many ways, but  they will refuse a fly just like a permit or bone.

Matt tried his hand first, and didn’t have the best luck (although he wasn’t given the best shots). I tried my hand next, and struck out on a few fish. After a few blown shots, Paul spotted a small pod feeding off a shallow point near an overhanging tree. I made several casts only to have the fish I was targeting turn the other way. I decide to target another feeder, so I placed the fly directly in his path and made a couple of small strips. The fish seemed interested, when all of a sudden another carp came from shadow of the tree and snatched my fly ! I quickly strip set, and played the fish to open water. While he wasn’t a 10 pounder, he was definitely a worthy fish. After a few hard runs I brought him to the boat, snapped some pics, and released him.

Matt was up again, so we head to another flat and quickly spot feeding fish. Matt lays out a nice cast and a large carp eats his fly, Matt strip sets like Bill Dance sets a hook, and after a violent head shake the carp swims off with a new lip piercing. Several more casts, several more eats, and no fish to hand. I was feeling bad for Matt, he hasn’t really fished much this year, so he had some rust to work out. Since it was approaching lunch time, we headed back to the ramp because Paul had to leave. We grabbed our gear, told Paul good-bye  and  headed to prep Matt’s boat for launch.

About 15 minutes later we were back on the water in Matt’s boat heading for another flat. Once on the flat I crawled up on the poling platform and started scanning for fish. As I poled the boat across the flat a few mudding carp were spotted, but the carp seemed to spook before Matt could cast to them. We weren’t having much luck, so we decided to head to another flat. When I was poling out, Matt spotted three carp cruising near shore. He made a quick cast and it was “Fish On”. Matt’s carp made several runs before coming to net. Again not a huge carp, but a worthy specimen nonetheless .

With a couple carp to boat, numerous shots and eats, it was time t call it a day. The holiday hoards had officially converged on the lake and it was asshole to elbow with jet skis, ski boats, etc!



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