Dirty South Fly Fishing Magazine

10 Nov

Southern Culture on the Fly (SCOF),fly fishing with a side of grits“, pretty much sums it up in a nutshell about this new online fly fishing magazine due out the fall of 2011. SCOF publisher/editor and good friend David Grossman, is a super talented writer, fly fishing guide, and genius when it comes to witty humor. SCOF will be a fly fishing online magazine focused on the Southeastern United States. It has been due for quite a while now, if I do say so myself. I’m sure everyone will find that it will bring fly fishing the south real justice. While your waiting for the first issue to come out, why don’t you start following the SCOF Blog. It will give you an idea of what you can expect in the future from Southern Culture on the Fly. I promise you won’t be disappointed you took a couple minutes to check it out.

David Grossman (says),

Southern Culture on the Fly will be a new quarterly online flip page magazine documenting the fishing opportunities and fly fishing culture in the Southeast. We kind of feel that this region often gets overlooked by the national fly fishing media and would like to showcase our great warm, cold, and saltwater fly fishing here in the south, and the culture of the folks that fish here. The Magazine’s focus will be high quality photography, video, and writing that complements the online flip page format and the IT opportunities available with the format. (Kind of like Catch Magazine, The Drake, and Fly Fisherman got together and had a technologically advanced love child with a distinct southern accent). We have already got some great southern professional fishing Photographers, Videographers, and Writers on board as contributors (Including Kent).

First Issue Break Down for SCOF

The first issue will be out in the fall of 2011 and will feature

  • Redfishing in the low country
  • TVA tailwater trout
  • Holston River Smallmouth
  • Departments on gear
  • Fishing and tying techniques
  • Humor, brews and food.

Until the first issue comes out we have the website up and running where we will be posting frequent southern fly fishing content on the blog. We hope everyone checks it out because if nothing else this magazine will be about where we live, where we fish, and what makes it special.


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