Brown Town

28 Nov

A not so recent trip to a place desired by many and known to few.  Raul put on a show catching fish after fish after fish after fish…much like a donkey show only Mitch and I felt like we had been fucked somehow.  The only way to stop him is to hurt him or break all his equipment.  Which we have done in the past with little success.  Someone has a rufie coming to them in the future.  Best part of the trip had to be when I went searching for Ryan.  I knew the general area where he would be but I couldn’t access the stream but I could walk along side it.  After I spotted him I thought it would be fun to smash him in the head with a rock.  Ryan had something in store for me though.  As I looked over the ledge with a giant rock held high ready to pummel him he turned and flashed a monster brown at me, with a look on his face like a kid showing off his new bike to his poor friends at Christmas.  The fish is pictured below but the pic doesn’t do it justice.  If I would have just hit him with the rock I could have stolen all his glory.


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