Bench Time

8 Jan

With the recent run of poor fishing conditions on the North East the amount of time spent on the streams has not been enough to keep me sane.  Although all is not lost as this usually results in more time on the fly tying bench, more frequent trips to the local fly shop, searching the NET for new patterns and finding some good deals (www.TheFlyStop  and  

New Waders 137$, I can’t wait to unzip my waders and pee like a man should.  Good by to the days of fighting frantically to get stripped down with just enough time to piss on your hands. 

Evergreen Fly Shop Bill 127$ (fly line and tying materials)  I’m diggin the skull candy heads. 31$ well worth it for those to fancy to tye flies that look good in a box but usually don’t work.

New Fly Box (pictured below) FREE-B, no you can’t have it.

PA license 47$ 

Gas for this Sundays trip to the Elk 70$

Fishing with the Teddy Monster Sunday——Priceless



One Response to “Bench Time”

  1. jim January 12, 2011 at 3:26 PM #

    Me LIKE!!!

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