Add Stripper Glitter to your Fly Tying Arsenal

10 Jan

The Morrish Mouse Bling Edition.  1- Apply thread to hook.  2-Shave 3/4 of the hair off a rabbit strip leaving hair on the end not tied to hook.  3-Tye aforementioned rabbit strip to hook.  4-Tye in 2 pieces of stacked foam.  5-Tye in another rabbit strip and wrap it forward leaving room at the eye for finishing.  6-Fold foam over rabbit strips and tie off in whatever fashion floats your boat.  7-Coat the top of the foam with superglue and sprinkle on a little stripper dust. 

What to target with it—-Cats (please debarb your hooks), other mice or rats during breeding season, Trout, Musky, Pike, Bass of the Large and Smallmouth variety and also something in the saltwater world.

I had a little stripper dust on my shirt and decided to brush it on a moorish  just to give the fly a little BLING!  I love strippers and they Love U.  Amazingly enough while researching in our lab for more information on stripper glitter I found some interesting yet educational information.

THINGS TO DO WITH STRIPPER GLITTER.  More info HERE (really funny shit)

Leave stripper glitter on fax room doorknob and amuse yourself with how far it spreads. 

Put used stripper glitter in your girlfriend’s lip gloss and wait for the magic to rub off on her. 

Put stripper glitter on your boss’s daughter’s husband’s briefcase and wait for your opportunity to get his office. 

Some like to put used stripper glitter on a payphone receiver in the hope the magic spreads across the city. 

Use stripper glitter to begin your lifelong project to convert your apartment into the Taj Mahal using the glitter instead of gold flakes. 

Put stripper glitter in your boss’s coffee cup with the hope the magic changes him forever. 

Sprinkle stripper glitter over your head, and be sure to think happy thoughts. 

Keep stripper glitter in a special container to save for a rainy day. 

Add used stripper glitter to the collar of a shirt and go clubbing. The girls will swarm! 

Some enjoy using stripper glitter to lubricate stuck door handles in the winter because it’s so hot and melts the ice. 

Add used stripper glitter to your comic con costume so you look more super. 

Put stripper glitter on your car air freshener to make it even more fresh. 

Take stripper glitter back to the stripper who lost it, after all, it’s still hers.

Smear stripper glitter on your favorite jig to attract the harder-to-catch super bass. 

Spread used stripper glitter on your teeth to give them that Miss America sparkle. 

Put stripper glitter in box to keep in case there is ever a stripper glitter shortage in the future. 

Put stripper glitter on a dollar to offer to—who else, a stripper! It’s the ultimate tribute. 

Put stripper glitter on a tea bag that you are going to brew for your girlfriend’s mom. Ooh, it’s essence a-la-exotic. 

Mix stripper glitter in your best friend’s ham salad sandwich to show them how much you care. 


2 Responses to “Add Stripper Glitter to your Fly Tying Arsenal”

  1. Kent Klewein January 10, 2011 at 10:04 PM #

    That is one funny footer photo man. I have to give you props for that one. The pattern works, I don’t know all about the glitter since I never even thought of doing that. I like the uniqueness brother. Keep on tying and we’ll try them next time you head down here.

    Kent Klewein

  2. MurphyK January 10, 2011 at 10:08 PM #

    Was cleaning out my tying storage area and found the glitter and one thing lead to the next. Then my wife caught me looking at strippers on the net.

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