11 Jan
After finally thawing out and ridding myself of the chills, snotty nose, and goosebumps I can now consider the first trip of 2011 complete.  After a few days of planning, a lot of changes, and no other really good choices we headed out to the Elk River.  Known to many as the Lady, although when most have seen her without any clothes on, spread eagle with a little vomit running down the side of her mouth she’s really not much of a lady.  Basically that translates into a beautiful stream with a whole lot of trouties in catch and release water thats suitable to drink out of.  My analogy really doesn’t make sense…….but she can be Eazy given the right amount of liquor.   

Rollin in the Sube.

Accompanying me on the trip are Jason 1 (driving) and Jason 2 (riding bitch).  Jason 1 better know for his roles in, how to piss on a door, Welch edition and please mister please take me to town, Randolph County Edition.  Jason 1 has been itching to fish for a few weeks now and really has his life in order from what I quote, “My fiance is an awesome, beautiful, hard-working, sexy, the perfect woman….soon I’ll get to fish and hunt more often.”  As he thinks that if and when things get better they get easier.  Now I love my wife but when you match a man and woman together for life it generally doesn’t work out with the man getting to do more of what he wants because things are easier.  Anyway Jason 1 had a great day on the stream catching around 10 -12 bows and brownies but since he’s still a beginner he still has that “excitement” with every cast and fish that most of us have lost after years and years of fishing.  Sad for us?  Although that’s the way he acts with everything so he gets my Vote for being super awesome!! 

Click for more Artwork.

Jason 2 is one of the few DeYoung like artists of the fishing world.  He can actually draw  you catching a fish in the exact spot you were going to catch it even before you thought about going.  Creepy right??  An avid outdoors man, although I wouldn’t have labeled him a kayaker as his stature is much like my own and this stature would prefer something more stable to fish from.  Hopefully he’ll be behind of the oars and on the lean bar of the Nanner this summer with me.  Jason 2 started off the day landing fish after fish after fish standing in the same spot casting to the same run as Jason 1 and I circled around him trying to devise a drift to steal his fish…..didn’t work.   

Did I mention it was cold?  REALLY cold!!!  14 degrees on the way in and 16 on the way out.  Freezing eyelets every few casts, cold feet, hands, freezing snot…..the works.  A little snow here and their but basically blue sky’s with a little wind and a passing cloud or 4.  Ending the day with a long, sweaty, someone hold me I’m tired,  fat man don’t like walk in the snow leading to the car.  Then finally sitting down for some fine Mexican dining although there were no mexicans working, so despite the restaurants title (Poncho’s I think) it can’t really be considered Mexican.  Or can it…since it was directly across the street from another Mexican restaurant with 3 times as many cars in the culturally diverse town of Elkins W.v.

We didn’t take many pictures but when we finally got a fish worthy of the camera a kamakaze snowflake (I heard it screaming on the way down then SPLAT!)  unknown to us at the time put the F U B A R on the pictures.  My first of 2011 efforts ended well when I got to bring a 25 inch rainbow that was absolutely perfect in color and features.  ENJOY…………… 

Before Kamakaze Snowflake

After Kamakaze Snowflake



*$*#&@ ING SNOWFLAKE!!!!


2 Responses to “FIRST TRIP OF THE NEW YEAR!”

  1. Kent Klewein January 12, 2011 at 6:06 PM #

    That’s it man. I’m going to have to make a trip up your way so you can show me this river. It looks awesome and nice work on that 25″ rainbow trout. I bet next time you’ll check the lens for snowflakes, ha.

    If you like this blog you can also check out my fly fishing blog that offers tips, fishing reports, and great photography from my self, a full-time professional fly fishing guide.

    • MurphyK January 13, 2011 at 7:56 AM #

      Thanks Captain!! The snowflake killed it had all kinds of pics up close and with the tape on it. The pics that turned out don’t do the fish justice. I think Ryan is going to try and come up in 2 weeks to fish and ski if your interested in coming up. By far the best stream in the state as far as bug life and fish numbers go. Most of them are concentrated in a 1/2 mile section but the other 4-6 miles still hold good numbers. Many other streams close by as well with brook browns and bows of the wild and native variety.

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