Rockin The LOOP

13 Jan

Prior to my trip up North to the land of the never never warm where the Garthoks roam (for some reason I’m in a Coneheads kick) I talked my birth givers into an early christmas present.  A Loop OPti 3L wading jacket complete with all the trimmings in a check pattern that would help me in my quest to Narfle the Garthok.


Would I have liked to have gone for the black pinstripe?  Yes, but my wife only gives me a 50$  weekly allowance and I didn’t want to take advantage of the birth givers kindness although I should have after my “friends” got their first look at it.  Being comfortable with my sexuality and the grand champion of gay chicken, Nymph-O will vouch for this after an epic down to the wire battle in Utah, I opted to go with the checkered pattern.  Say what you want about it but at least the chances of seeing another one like it on the stream is small, unlike you Simms and Orvis nancies.  Ryan has had the best comment so far by making a Shaun White reference.  Despite the fact that Shaun looks like the offspring of Red from Fragle Rock and Mr Ed he is still Super Bad ASS.  So if Shaun would wear it on the stream so would I.


One Response to “Rockin The LOOP”

  1. Nymph-o January 14, 2011 at 8:25 AM #

    I am going with, it looks like you beat up a 14 year old mountain dew code orange drinker, and stole his jacket.

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