Things to do with an empty Cracker Box

25 Jan

Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with that empty cracker box you have?  Most of us would probably say recycle it or just trash it, use it for kindling but not Rowdy, Royce and the boys at NSA.  I would imagine that I’m not special and the selection of shipping materials comes at the cost of whatever is around that will store an item for basic shipping purposes.  Or they is some pissed off Idahoans standing in the grocery store searching tirelessly for crackers.  About a week ago I ordered a NSA hat, forgetting about it until today after a 13 hour workday I came home to a Premium Saltines Crackers box sitting on my front porch.  The box looked as if had been molested somehow, then taped back together with surgical precision.  I gave a kind of half-assed WTF  laugh until I looked at the Idaho address then busted out laughing knowing who it was from and what it was.  Now I’ve never met any of the guys from NSA but after watching the NSA vol 1 dvd and talking to Ryan about them they seem like the type of guys anyone would want to fish with.  True Proud Idaho Rednecks….not the east side WV or KY pissed off don’t call me a redneck…redneck.  So to the boys and girls at NSA I salute you for the good LAUGH and Sweet HAT!!!  

I don’t think I’ll let the Crackers box die….I have a Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible towel to send to Ryan that I wiped my ass with that will fit perfectly in the crackers box.  GO STEELERS!!!!


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