GoPro your My Hero

6 Feb

GoPro’s newest addition of the long line of cameras and accessories is the LCD BackPak.  One of the simple, I hate to say Flaw, drawbacks of the old camera was the lack of an LCD screen.  Although the structure of the lens offers a very wide horizontal and vertical point of view which almost makes it impossible to not get something in frame.  We’ve been using them for about 3 years now and have had basically no complaints, other than the most common of all cameras (more battery and memory life).  They offer up a variety of mounting platforms to mount the GoPro on almost anything, yes we mounted it there before you ask, and it hurt for 2 weeks.   If your in the market for a fair priced compact video/photo camera for the outdoorsman or sportsman give GoPro a look.


2 Responses to “GoPro your My Hero”


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    GoPro your My Hero

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